God the Father

Nothing in existence came into being by itself. God the Father is the creator and sustainer of everything, He is the Almighty, Maker of heaven and earth. He created everything perfect, but man ruined His perfect creation. In His great wisdom, and even though His ways may be hid from our eyes, God still provides for us like a loving Father.

God the Son

Only a perfect man can reverse the fall. Only an almighty God can redeem an entire world of men from their sin.
Jesus Christ, the eternal Son of God, is our Savior from sin and Savior from our separation from God. He redeemed us by paying the punishment for our sins and God the Father declares that we are justified. Jesus traded our sins and gave us His righteousness. He traded our death and gave us life.

God the Holy Ghost

With the Father and the Son, the Holy Ghost is true God. The Holy Ghost descends to us in Baptism and through the Word of God to create faith in the hearts of humankind. The salvation Jesus won in His death on the cross is brought to us by the Holy Ghost. The story of humankind is once again completed with God.